My Story


I get asked a lot how I ended up living in England, how I ended up with a Polish lad, and how I ended up working remotely in digital marketing. Which is all completely fair.

I grew up in Nashville, Tennesse. If you don’t know where that is picture Johnny Cash, Jack Daniels whiskey, and a lot of Bachelorette parties. I went to university in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. I studied History and Women’s Studies. (Yes I have two degrees, and I’m pretty proud of that!). I studied abroad in Berlin, Kraków, Vienna, and Budapest at University. One was a Holocaust history course, and the other was a documentary making course.

I fell in love with Central Europe. Deeply madly in love with Central Europe. When I returned from my second study abroad program in 2016, I decided after graduation in May I would move to Tihany, Hungary for a few months be an au pair, teach English and travel around.

Well…Hungary didn’t work out. (I really shouldn’t have deleted that blog post).But I did find a quick new host family in Zielona Gora, Polska. I packed up my bags and took an overnight train to them.

I loved my host family, my town, my experiences. They took me all around lower Silesia in Poland–so many castles. During this time I met Adrian, my lovely fiancé.

Adrian was born in Wrocław, my favorite city in Poland! He moved to Bristol, England when he was 15. He decided very sleepily one night to come back to visit Poland for the first time in 3 years. We met during this time period. We joke a lot about how neither of us should really have been in Poland, and all the weird little bits that led us to each other.

Fast forward to leaving Poland, staying with Adrian in England for several months, returning to America, and then Adrian and I moved to Warsaw the following July together. I had the opportunity to work remotely doing digital marketing. This is when I realized I knew most of the basics and I was kinda good at it. Eventually, I would branch out into my own content and content for others.

I also during this time worked at the Polin in Warsaw, the Polish Jewish History

Museum. I loved my time there, and I would love nothing more than to go back and work in a museum. But for now, I’m good at branding, aesthetics, and digital storytelling.

Adi and I then moved back to England once we figured out a visa. We lived in Bristol, then moved to the beautiful countryside of Suffolk, and recently moved to London.